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In this Cyber threat overview, ANSSI looks back at the major trends that have marked the cyber landscape in 2020-2021 and proposes short-term prospects for change.

These trends are part of a continuing increase in the threat level. This is backed up by the fact that the ANSSI was made aware of 1082 proven  intrusions into information systems in 2021, compared with 786 in 2020. This represents a 37 % increase in proven intrusions during the year. This increase can be explained by the developing and constantly improving the capacities of malicious actors whose main objectives remain financial gain, espionage and destabilisation.

These actors have been able to seize upon multiple opportunities offered by the widespread use of digital technologies, often without the necessary levels of control. Particular vigilance is therefore required in the context of major events in France such as the French presidency of the European Union, the presidential and legislative elections in 2022 and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which all represent contextual opportunities for attackers to exploit.

This overview contains organisational and technical recommendations related to the observed threats.


Download the report: Cyber threat Overview 2021